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                            June 04, 2020
                            Millennials Are Poised to Make Lasting Changes to Sustainable Packaging
                            (This article originally appeared on the Sustainable Forestry Initiative blog) Millennials are changing the way we...
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                            June 03, 2020
                            Where Do We Go from Here? A Q&A with Fisher Int'l CEO Pete Stewart
                            Fisher International and Forest2Market President & CEO Pete Stewart recently participated in a Q&A published in the...
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                            June 04, 2020
                            Millennials Are Poised to Make Lasting Changes to Sustainable Packaging
                            (This article originally appeared on the Sustainable Forestry Initiative blog) Millennials are changing the way we look at the world in many...
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                            June 03, 2020
                            Where Do We Go from Here? A Q&A with Fisher Int'l CEO Pete Stewart
                            Fisher International and Forest2Market President & CEO Pete Stewart recently participated in a Q&A published in the June issue of The Forestry...
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                            June 02, 2020
                            Discussing the Past, Present, Future of the Tissue & Towel Industry
                            Toilet paper supply and demand has charged to the forefront of the pulp and paper industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mills have added shifts...
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                            May 28, 2020
                            COVID-19 Driving Decrease in GHG Emissions & Energy Prices
                            This post originally appeared on Forest2Market's Market Watch blog.
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                            May 27, 2020
                            United States Consumers Greatly Prefer Paper Packaging, Survey Finds
                            Two Sides North America recently released the results of a survey that measured packaging preferences of 2,000 consumers in the United States. The...
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                            May 22, 2020
                            Pulp & Paper News: Top Industry Headlines of the Week
                            The following is a collection of headlines from the week from FisherSolveTM Next news and other sources. 
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                            May 19, 2020
                            7 Ways the Pulp & Paper Industry Has Helped Fight COVID-19
                            Despite the hardships and sadness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a sense of community, compassion and empathy has shone through around the world.
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                            May 18, 2020
                            Changes to Struggling P&P Segments Will Accelerate Under Pandemic
                            This post originally appeared on Forest2Market's Market Watch blog. Structural changes in markets are often caused by profound changes to the...
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                            May 14, 2020
                            How Much Energy Can Recycled Fiber Save Your Mill?
                            A large number of paper mills use recovered paper as a major source for fibers. It’s generally assumed that making paper using recycled fibers...
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                            May 13, 2020
                            Australasia Spotlight: Chinese Woodchip Imports & Supplier Trends
                            This post originally appeared on Forest2Market's Market Watch blog. Hardwood chip deliveries to China fell to their lowest quarterly total in two...
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                            May 11, 2020
                            Three Reasons Why Folding Boxboard is Growing Rapidly in Europe
                            There are four main coated paperboard products produced in North America and Europe:
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                            May 07, 2020
                            Toilet Paper Production & Its Impact on North American Forests
                            Toilet paper has stepped into the spotlight during the coronavirus pandemic. Either you have hordes of it, or you’re down to your final roll and...
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                            May 05, 2020
                            COVID-19’s Potential Impact on Commercial Hand Towel Demand
                            As Dwight Eisenhower famously remarked: “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
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                            April 30, 2020
                            Australian Wildfires: Impacts to Forest Products Industry
                            This post originally appeared on Forest2Market's Market Watch blog. The extent, ferocity and impact of the 2019-20 wildfire season in Australia...
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                            April 26, 2020
                            Three Ways to Use COVID-19 Data to Inform Pulp & Paper Strategy
                            In its continuing efforts to assist clients during this unique time in global history, Fisher International has fully integrated COVID-19 data...
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                            April 16, 2020
                            Coronavirus to Alter Global Toilet Paper & Tissue Production
                            Thankfully, the toilet paper shortages seen during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic should be balancing in most places as the supply chain...
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                            April 16, 2020
                            Fisher International Launches Free Interactive COVID-19 Map
                            The COVID-19 pandemic has raised countless questions and provided very few answers about the future of the pulp and paper industry.
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                            April 15, 2020
                            Fisher International & Forest2Market Acquire Tecnon OrbiChem
                            Boston, London, Charlotte, N.C. (April 15, 2020) – Fisher International and Forest2Market, two  firms offering data, analytics and  business...
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                            April 14, 2020
                            How Accurate Data Intelligence Can Help Suppliers Survive Coronavirus
                            In a recent blog we discussed how the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have rewritten how the Pulp and Paper industry will function and...
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                            April 09, 2020
                            Forecasts Show Coronavirus Has Rewritten Strategy & Financial Targets
                            The Pulp and Paper industry is under a historical stress test right now. Coronavirus has infected every part of the industry as demand in some...
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                            April 03, 2020
                            Global Printing & Writing: Are More Storm Clouds Ahead Amid COVID-19?
                            Like most, I’m reading the daily updates about the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, and if anything is certain, it’s the uncertainty of the overall...
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                            March 31, 2020
                            Are We Really Running Out of Toilet Paper During Coronavirus Crisis?
                            For the last several weeks, consumers around the world have been faced with empty store shelves when looking to restock toilet paper. Has the...
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                            March 26, 2020
                            FisherSolve? Spotlight: Canadian Tissue Buying & Building in U.S.
                            This abridged article, which originally appeared in Tissue World Magazine, presents a static picture summary of Canada’s tissue industry.
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                            March 23, 2020
                            How the Forest Industry Survives Down Markets, COVID-19 Crisis
                            Just two months ago, Americans watched cautiously from a distance as the COVID-19 contagion caused a nearly unimaginable scenario by upending...
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                            March 18, 2020
                            COVID-19 Updates: Fisher Experts Detail Global Coronavirus Impacts
                            The novel coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19, has sent the world into a frenzy. Stock markets are a daily rollercoaster, supermarkets are a daily venue...
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                            March 18, 2020
                            COVID-19 Update: A Message from Fisher International CEO Peter Stewart
                            We hope that you and your families are staying well during these especially challenging times. We have been closely monitoring the spread of...
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                            March 11, 2020
                            Foreign Pulp & Paper Investors Are Flocking to North America
                            Foreign ownership of North American pulp and paper mills has more than doubled since 2007. While the biggest share in ownership in 2007 was held...
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                            March 10, 2020
                            Toilet Paper & Coffee Cups: COVID-19 Continues Shake-Up of Paper Industry
                            The continuing spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has taken its toll on financial markets, major gatherings, and individual industries.
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                            March 05, 2020
                            Market Review Reveals Decline In Paper Demand, Increase in Pulp Production
                            The 2019 edition of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations...
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                            February 27, 2020
                            How Coronavirus Could Impact Pulp & Paper Demand
                            Coronavirus outbreaks have developed across the globe. Countries like Italy and China have instituted blockades and quarantines to prevent the...
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                            February 21, 2020
                            How Strikes, Regulations, Disasters Impact Pulp & Paper Supply Chains
                            The pulp and paper industry enjoyed a collective sigh of relief earlier this month when the Finnish paper workers’ strike reached a resolution.
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                            February 11, 2020
                            5 Predictions for Global Pulp & Paper Industries in 2020 (and Beyond)
                            Fisher International has spent considerable time over the last 35 years tracking trends coming over the horizon and predicting where they will...
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                            February 10, 2020
                            FisherSolve Spotlight: Spain Facing Headwinds from Declining Population
                            Spain’s tissue business has been shaped by the economic challenges the country has faced since 2007. The great worldwide recession, which started...
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                            February 06, 2020
                            Wood Pulp is a Sustainable Cotton Replacement, but Is It Profitable?
                            Ecological trends and concern over pollution and climate change are putting more and more pressure on the global textile market. Rated as one of...
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                            February 04, 2020
                            Coronavirus’ Impact on China’s Paper Industry Still Unknown
                            The coronavirus has spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan around the world. Hundreds of people are dead, thousands have fallen ill, and millions...
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                            January 31, 2020
                            Sustainability Trends: What’s Driving the Anti-Plastics Movement?
                            The sight of massive islands of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean are just a small sample of unforgettable images that have heightened...
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                            January 24, 2020
                            FisherSolve Spotlight: Indonesia’s Pulp & Paper Industry
                            Indonesia was once thought of as the Asian tiger of the paper industry as North American producers considered it a major threat with its low-cost...
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                            January 21, 2020
                            Three Reasons Why India's Paper Industry Hasn't Boomed
                            China and India account for more than one-third of the world’s population with India predicted to exceed China as the most populated country by...
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                            January 17, 2020
                            Pulp & Paper Business Cycles: Questions Executives Need to Ask
                            How can leaders in the pulp and paper industry (PPI) predict the next trend? The next expansion? The next recovery? Which ‘crystal balls’ of...
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                            August 31, 2019
                            Battery Ventures Acquires Forest2Market, Inc. and Fisher International, Inc.
                            Boston, Charlotte, N.C. & Norwalk, Conn. (August 13, 2019) – Battery Ventures, a global technology-focused investment firm, announced that it has...
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