Producers use Fisher's business intelligence to understand their operating and competitive environment.

                            Mill suppliers use Fisher’s business intelligence to get the most out of product development, sales, and marketing investments.

                            Corrugated producers, suppliers and box producers use Fisher's intelligence to understand packaging markets.

                            Investors use Fisher’s business intelligence resources to identify opportunities and evaluate risks and potential returns.



                            A breakthrough database and analytics tool to supercharge your sales and marketing

                            Providing Custom Solutions for Corrugators

                            Because your business has unique strategic needs
                            Corrugated producers, suppliers and box producers use Fisher's intelligence contained in the FisherSolve? platform, to understand packaging markets. From strategic decisions about which markets to serve and where to invest capital to tactical decisions on competing for each order, we support the wide spectrum of the decision chain.
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                            For Corrugators

                            Understand the entire corrugated packaging market

                            Corrugated_393x560The breakthrough analysis tool describes every integrated and independent corrugator in the U.S. and Canada, including: 

                            • Location & Ownership
                            • Corrugator Widths & Speeds
                            • Suppliers & Viability Ranking
                            • Production & Operations

                            Production Costs and MSF by:

                            • Number of Walls & Fluting Types
                            • Number of Shifts
                            • Rates 
                            • Names & Titles
                            • Functions
                            • Surface and Email Addresses
                            • Telephone Numbers
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                            For Corrugator Suppliers

                            The ultimate sales tool

                            To create great strategy and execute it well, you need great customer data and analytics. FisherSolve? Corrugated includes purpose-made software with the customer information required to target and sell.

                            • Where are we missing sales?
                            • How much starch does each company consume?
                            • What’s our sales history with this plant?
                            • What’s our share in the corrugating segment?
                            • What is the name and email address of the Maintenance Manager at each plant?

                            Corrugated Suppliers ss

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                            For Paper and Box Producers

                            Supports strategic decision making

                            FisherSolve? Corrugated will provide you answers to important questions like:

                            • What’s the supply-demand balance like in a particular region?
                            • What exactly is our share of the end-use box market?
                            • What are the best M&A targets and which are most actionable?
                            • In what area are we the lowest for delivered costs?
                            • How can we optimize a customer's box supply chain?
                            • Where are we vulnerable and where should we fortify?
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                            Pulp & Paper Industry Support

                            Transforming your Performance

                            Through the strategic use of business intelligence, Fisher International’s products & services help
                            pulp & paper professionals perform to their potential.

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